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Portable Car Fridge Mini Refrigerator Freezer With Wheel and Handle 12/24V DC 100-240 AC for Camping Picnics


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Product Description

With its spacious capacity and efficient cooling capabilities, this 36L-60L portable car freezer is an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and travel. It offers a wide temperature range and user-friendly settings for optimal food preservation. Equipped with car battery protection, it ensures reliable operation while on the road. The freezer features two separate zones for freezing and refrigeration and offers a choice between MAX or ECO mode for maximum cooling efficiency. Its dual-zone design and low noise level of 45dB make it a perfect option for both home and on-the-go use. 
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Key Features

Ample Storage Capacity
With a generous capacity of 36/50/60L, this mini fridge is perfect for daily use. And if you need extra space, simply detach the wire basket and partition to make full use of the storage area. The sturdy ABS plastic outer shell ensures excellent heat preservation.

Efficient Cooling & Dual Mode
Thanks to its powerful compressor, this fridge has a fast and efficient cooling system that can reach temperatures between -20℃ to 10 ℃ (-4℉~50℉). It also has different temperature settings, allowing it to function as a freezer or a fridge. With energy-saving (45W) and silent (45 dB) operation, as well as great heat dissipation, it offers both MAX and ECO modes to suit your needs.

Precise Control Panel
Conveniently control the power and adjust settings with the LCD control panel. The setting memory function remembers your settings even after the power is turned off, saving you time from
Level Up Your Protection: A Three-Level Car Battery System for Your Convenience.
This built-in system offers Low, Mid, and High levels to choose from, depending on your battery's capacity. Monitor your car battery seamlessly without disrupting normal start-up.
Expert Design
Enjoy an illuminated inside with the automatic LED light when you open the fridge door. Easy maintenance with the convenient bottom drain hole inside. Remotely control the fridge with your phone for ultimate simplicity. The sturdy handle and wheel make transportation a breeze.
Versatile Usage
Power the fridge with a 12/24V DC or 100~240 AC source, perfect for outdoor activities. No need to worry about bumpy roads, as it was designed to withstand any shake. From camping and traveling to fishing and family parties, this portable freezer is your go-to companion.

This Portable Car Fridge Mini Refrigerator Freezer, the T50 model, holds a generous 50L capacity and can cool from -20℃ to 10℃ (-4℉ to 50℉). It is both CE certified and operates at 45W with a voltage range of 12/24V DC and 100-240 AC. With dimensions of 28.5" x 14.2" x 18" / 723 x 360 x 458 mm and a low sound level of ≤45dB, this fridge is made of durable ABS plastic and comes in a sleek grey and black color. It weighs 34.2lbs / 15.5 kg and includes a package with a Portable Car Freezer, AC/DC adapter, DC power cord, and AC power cord.
This Portable Car Fridge Mini Refrigerator Freezer has a capacity of 60L/63 quart and a model number of T60. It operates on 80W of power and can cool within a range of -20℃ to 20℃/-4℉ to 68℉. It is compatible with both 12/24V (DC) and 100-240V (AC) outlets and has a noise level of less than 45dB. With a power consumption of 0.2kw.h/24h, it measures at 28.4 x 14.2 x 21.5 in / 723 x 360 x 545 mm and weighs 38.1 lbs / 17.3 kg. This package includes 1 Car Refrigerator, 1 DC power cord, 1 adapter for AC power, and 1 user manual.
The T36 model boasts a large 36L capacity and can cool items within a range of -20℃ to 10℃ (-4℉ to 50℉). It is certified by CE and has a wattage of 45W. The versatile fridge can be powered by 12/24V DC or 100-240 AC and has dimensions of 28.5" x 14.2" x 14.5" (723 x 360 x 368 mm). The outer shell is made of durable ABS plastic and the stylish color combination of grey and black adds to its appeal. Despite its powerful performance, it operates quietly at ≤45dB. With a weight of 30.9lbs (14 kg), it is a convenient addition for camping or picnics. The package includes 1 portable car freezer, 1 AC/DC adapter, and 2 power cords.
  • 【FREEZER & FRIDGE ZONE】- This fridge has a total capacity of 26/50/60L. Extra storage space is acquired by detaching the basket and the partition inside the fridge. The fridge is divided into two zones, the temperature of each zone can be controlled separately. The sturdy ABS plastic and thick outer shell ensure an excellent heat preservation effect.

  • 【MAX/ECO MODE】- The powerful compressor creates a highly efficient cooling system. With precise control of the temperature from -20℃~10 ℃ (-4℉~50℉), you can control the temperature of each zone separately. Also, the fridge has an excellent heat dissipation system and extremely quiet operation as low as 45 dB. Two different modes (MAX mode-fast cooling and ECO mode-energy saving) are provided for various needs.

  • 【CAR BATTERY PROTECTION】- The precise LCD control panel controls the temperature precisely and switches the mode setting: -20℃~10 ℃ (-4℉~50℉), MAX/ECO mode, Low/Mid/High car battery protection. The car battery protection system provides real-time monitoring of the car battery voltage to ensure that it has enough power to maintain its regular operation.

  • 【HUMANIZATION DESIGN】- The built-in LED light enables you to get things in a dark place. The bottom drain hole drains the water out quickly, which is convenient for cleaning the fridge. Easy to control via the mobile app, you can adjust the settings just on your phone. The folding handle and strong wheel increase its portability, and it is perfect for outdoor activities.

  • 【HOME & CAR DUAL USE】- Operates at 12/24V DC and 100-240 AC. Suitable for home and car use. This portable fridge is easy to carry, which is ideal for outdoor activities. With the shake-proof function, it works stably on uneven and steep roads and performs normally on 30-degree slopes. Plus, there is a USB charging port designed on the control panel.

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